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Celebrating the signing of the quintet to City Slang, label founder Christof Ellinghaus went on record: “When you get introduced to a guy, at 4am in the morning, in the sweet spot on the main floor at Berghain, during the first ever set there of the one and only d&b legend Goldie… it’s not like any conversation will make a whole lot of sense, or reach certain depth… but, at least you can exchange numbers. What could possibly go wrong? And sure enough, this chance meeting with a guy from Munich, who turns out to be Martin Brugger in FAZER, well… it lead to him sending us music, and us flipping out over the unique post rock textures in their very Teutonic cup of jazz. Listening to FAZER immediately took us back to our own glorious Tortoise days, but then here’s a bunch of musicians from Munich picking up the baton and running with it, turning it into their own groove machine? Well, count us in!"

The video for Grenadier was written and directed by Johannes Brugger: "I wanted to experiment with dream-like narrative elements. The story takes place in a dark alley, imaginary but strangely familiar thanks to tons of American movies we’ve watched. It takes place at an indeterminable time and plays the one dream we all had about running away from something to no avail.”

Fazer are: Martin Brugger, Paul Brändle, Matthias Lindermayr, Simon Popp und Sebastian Wolfgruber.

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