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“I made this when my daughter was two years old and I felt knackered and I'd turned 41 - the samples just came together and sounded like "i've felt better..." and  at the same time I was looking at my anti-depressants feeling tired and just thought 'ha, that's right!’ 

I mess with chopping up samples until I get an interesting loop so I never set out to write a track, i'm led by the samples and then go from there. Funnily enough, My life now is actually way better than it was 10 years ago and I'm a bit healthier and I probably actually do feel better in general. (apart from when I had that brain haemorrhage)“ Gold Panda

Listen here!

Written and recorded over the last twelve months at his new studio at home in East London, “I’ve Felt Better (Then I Do Now)” sounds like exactly what it is: a fresh and energised Gold Panda, and an exciting hint of what else is to come in 2022.

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